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Red Bullmastiff Dog

Red bullmastiff dog

Who is not familiar with the most loveable, protective and adorable dog breed, the Bullmastiff! It is, undoubtedly, one of the most popular dog breeds and the most frequent picking choice by the pet lovers. Bullmastiff dog is loyal to their owners and protects them to their last breath. Their companionship is brilliant. Many of the people love to take their Bullmastiff dog to everywhere they go. The Bullmastiff is giant in appearance and powerful in action. On seeing their master in anger, they become active and attack the enemy quite hard. They bite the enemy with their teeth and grants him serve injuries.

These are considered to love when they are around the kids. Kids feel pleasure and safety with their cute Bullmastiff dog. They are docile, devoted and reserved. Their appearance distinguished them from other breeds.  Their courage is ideal and desirable. It is a fact that many of the dog owners love to purchase Bullmastiff dog because of their bravery. These alert dogs are proving to the perfect guardian of their owner and his family.

red bullmastiff dog

Coat Colors of Bullmastiff Dog:

When it comes to appearance then Bullmastiff dog depicts enormous beautiful colors of its coat. Selection of Bullmastiff can be based on their physical appearance. In its physical appearance, there exist three adorable coat colors of Bullmastiff which are approved by AKC standard. These can be:

  • Fawn Bullmastiff Dog
  • Brindle Bullmastiff Dog
  • Red Bullmastiff Dog

Red Bullmastiff Puppies:

Red Bullmastiff puppies are damn cute. These little puppies are powerful enough to show their protective nature towards its owner. They charm spreads on the kids and kids feel pleasure to play with them. They have a black masked face and dark ears. These are quite active and enjoy playing. They actively participate in the physical activities. Owners need to take good care of the Bullmastiff puppies and should feed them as per daily nutritional requirement.  Their coat is short, dense and colored. The color of their coat ranges from the light or dull red color to the dark and shiny red color. Both dull and bright red colored puppies have their own grace.

Red Fawn Brindle Bullmastiff:

The massive and majestic Bullmastiff dog usually lives for a lifespan of 8 to 10 years. They are tall in height. Bullmastiff was basically originated in Great Britain by the crossing of the Mastiff dog and Bullmastiff dog. Bullmastiff was considered to be a pure breed till 1924. It contains the traits of both dog breeds. The height of a male Bullmastiff mainly ranges from 64cm to 68 cm while a female Bullmastiff exhibits a normal height of 61cm to 66cm. When it comes to weight then the normal weight range of a male Bullmastiff and female Bullmastiff range from 50kg to 59kg and 45kg to 54kg respectively.

Red fawn brindle bullmastiff is unique in its appearance. It varies from the pure red Bullmastiff because of the appearance of fawn and brindle color in its coat. Its coat represents a huge variety of all three colors. The strips of brindle and fawn color are also present in the coat of Red Bullmastiff. It appears to be a damn fabulous dog. Owners would not need to worry about the maintenance of their Bullmastiff’s coat.

These should be taken for a bath when required. Lucky are those who have chosen Bullmastiff as their pet. It is because Bullmastiff is among such dog breeds which do not shed heavily. There are a number of pets who shed excessively. Hence, dealing with them is such a huge challenge. The coat of Bullmastiff can be cleaned by using a brush having rubber curry on it. Wash the fur of your dog with a good quality shampoo and then brush it to remove reg debris, dirt, and dust. As simple as it sounds!

Red Fawn Bullmastiff:

Red fawn Bullmastiff dog contains the red colored coat having brown colored strips in it. It is one of the largest dog breeds in the world. Its dark-colored V-shaped ears and impressive strips of beautiful colors on its coat are enough to win the heart of people. One does not feel to be dangered while leaving their kids with this dog. Their strong body and strength make it a powerful guardian and fighting dog. Bullmastiff is prone to a plenty of diseases. Many of these are genetic diseases. Owners should take good care of their dog and handle them with great love in order to prevent it from various diseases.

Red Bullmastiff dog is one of the standard coat colors of Bullmastiff. This breed is quite comfortable with the children while showing shy behavior with the strangers. These are well mannered. Hence, the owners can introduce their Bullmastiff dog to the people with full confidence. Regular monitoring and checkups of the dog can prevent enormous of the health issues. A balanced diet, physical activities, and exercise ensure good health of the Bullmastiff dog. Their shedding can be rated as moderate shedding and can be managed by regular brushing and vacuum.

Bullmastiff shows sensitive behaviors towards the voice of its owner. The owners of the Bullmastiff dogs would be pleased to know that this dog breed is obedient. It is better to train and socialize the pet in the early stage of their life rather than the later on. It is beneficial as the owners do not need to put much efforts to train the pet and the dog shows the positive response rapidly. The purpose of their breeding is to obtain the dog that contains the fighting nature. They do not require much maintenance. Their low maintenance makes it a desirable breed.

Consult the veterinarian on observing any abnormal signs in your pet. Avoid strenuous exercise. Extreme of temperatures lead a bad impact on the health of Bullmastiff dog. Hence, the owners need to take special care of it in the drastic and unpleasant weather. Keep it safe from the sunburn and stroke by keeping it at the cool place in the summers. In the winters, keep them covered in the sweater and do not let them go outside in cold weather.

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