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Black Bullmastiff

Black Bullmastiff

When it comes to a pet, one should be cautious about the nature, behavior, and temperament of their pet.  Among all the pets, the dog is the most commonly like a pet. The Black Bullmastiff dog is one of the most popular dog breeds. Its stunning black appearance makes it look marvelous. It is a giant dog breed which is muscular and massive. These are guard dogs which fight for the safety and security of their owners. This is the reason that they leave no stone unturned to combat with the enemy and can even bite him. Their behavior with kids is ideal. They are fun to be around and are known to be one of the most active dogs.

Black Bullmastiff Weight and Height:

This giant creature is relatively taller than the other dog breeds. Let’s unfold the fact about the Black Bullmastiff weight and height. The male Bullmastiff dog depicts the height from 25 inches to 27 inches. While the female Bullmastiff dog has the height ranging from 24 inches to 26 inches. The weight of the male Bullmastiff dog is about 110 pounds to 130 pounds while the female Bullmastiff dog has a weight ranging from 100 pounds to 120 pounds. This dog breed easily gains the weight. Hence, their diet should be taken into serious account.

Average Lifespan of Black Bullmastiff:

The average lifespan of black Bullmastiff is about 8 to 10 years. The better the quality of Black Bullmastiff is, the more the lifespan would become. Black Bullmastiff have black coat color while the intensity may vary. Maintaining cleanliness of these dogs is not tough at all. Bathe them when they are dirty. Use a good quality shampoo and brush for cleaning the dog. It has a white marking on its chest portion. It enhances the beauty of this adorable dog breed. Black Bullmastiff dog remain relatively inactive in an indoor environment. They are sensitive towards the temperature changes. They are unable to tolerate extreme temperatures.

Diseases in Black Bullmastiff:

Black BullmastiffThe most common diseases in Black Bullmastiff are tumors, cancer, eye disorders, and hip dysplasia. In addition to this, they are prone to various other diseases such as stomach disorders and skin allergies. Feed the dog on a chemical-free diet. It prevents the allergens from entering the dog’s body. However, the regular checkup of Black Bullmastiff is quite essential. It aids in early diagnosis and treatment. Bullmastiff dog has an amazing temperament. They do not howl unnecessarily like other dogs. However, the snoring of black Bullmastiff dog can be a bit problematic. It is because the snoring is quite loud. Take your pet for the morning walk, but avoid the strenuous exercises. Regular walk aids in maintaining the good health of the dog.

If you are curious to know about an amazingly adorable but giant dog breed then you should definitely read about Bullmastiff Cross Staffy.  It is an expensive dog breed which is most suitable for experienced owners. Stay tuned to know everything about your beloved pets!


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