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Bullmastiff Dog Calorie Requirement

Bullmastiff Dog Calorie Requirement

Just like humans, dogs also require a certain calorie amount on per day basis for their better health.  Bullmastiff dog calorie requirement is dependent on various factors. The factors of Bullmastiff dog calorie requirement are age, weight and physical activity of the dog. Bullmastiff dog is a hybrid dog which can enjoy its life for about 8 to 10 years.

How Many Calories Should a Bullmastiff Dog Eat in a Day?

Looking for how many calories should a Bullmastiff dog eat in a day? Well, you can easily calculate the calories of your beloved dog by the use of a calorie calculator. All you need to do is to simply enter the weight of your dog either in kg or lbs and activity such as light work, heavy work, moderate work, nursing female, pregnant female etc. If you are love to take good care of your beloved dog then it is necessary to know about the Bullmastiff dog calorie requirements.

Average Calories Take of a Bullmastiff Dog:

The average ideal weight of the Bullmastiff dog ranges from 110 pounds to 130 pounds. The average calories take of a Bullmastiff dog should be calculated carefully. A dog requires about 30 calories for each lb of their body weight. It aids the Bullmastiff dogs to maintain the weight of their body. However, Bullmastiff dog of <20lb  requires up to 40 calories for each lb of their body.

Why My Bullmastiff Dog is Not Taking Much Food?

Why my Bullmastiff dog is not taking much food can be associated with several reasons. It can be due to indigestion, obesity, mood swings, anxiety etc. There is some unhealthy foodstuff which should be avoided. It includes coffee, onions, tea, chocolate, and raw eggs. In case of a weak stomach, consider feeding the dog on a soft diet. Banana is the best option in such a case.

Best Bullmastiff Dog Diet Plan:

The best Bullmastiff dog diet plan includes cooked meat, ground turkey, protein diet, carrot, rice etc. The only nut that your pet can consume is the peanut. Raw meaty bone is the perfect food for the protein diet of the dog. Ensure that meat used in the diet should be properly cooked. The diet plan should have appropriate calories to meet the daily body requirements. Diet plan should be capable to keep the body hydrated. Bullmastiff dog is fun to be around. This muscular dog requires high protein intake.

Best Homemade Food Recipes for Bullmastiff Dog:

The best homemade food recipes for bullmastiff dog are quite simple and quick. Owners of Bullmastiff dog can prepare dog biscuits at their home. Prepare it by mixing flour, carrots, butter, powdered milk, brewers yeast, and bone meal. Another perfect recipe for Bullmastiff dog can be prepared by using cooked rice and boiled chicken. Now, add steamed vegetables and broth on it. Serve it after cooling.

You should be aware of everything regarding Best Dog Food for Bullmastiff dog in order to ensure good health. Keep in touch to explore and read much more about this giant dog breed.



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