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Female Bullmastiff

Female Bullmastiff

Female mastiff is one of the most liked pets. There are several hidden facts female Bullmastiff dog. Let’s explore these in order to deal with the dog in a much better way. If you are planning to have a female Bullmastiff dog at your home, then you should definitely have a glimpse at this guide.

Female Bullmastiff  Weight and Height:

Let’s have a glance at the facts about the Female Bullmastiff weight and height. When it comes to the height of the female Bullmastiff dog, it is found out to be smaller in size than the male Bullmastiff dog. The height of the female Bullmastiff ranges from 24inches to 26 inches. However, the male dog is 25 inches to 27 inches in height. Male Bullmastiff has much weight than that of female Bullmastiff dog. The weight of the female Bullmastiff dog ranges from 100 pounds to 120pounds. While males depict a bit higher weight range than this. It is usually 110pound to 130 pounds.

Average Lifespan of a Female Bullmastiff:

The average lifespan of a female Bullmastiff dog is about 8 to 10 years. Bullmastiff dog is highly devoted, loyal, fearless and courageous dogs. They are massive and muscular dogs which fight well for the safety of their master. Owners need to take special care of the female Bullmastiff dog especially when she is expecting. The combination of regular walk and nutritious diet is ample to ensure good health of the pet. Bullmastiff dogs can suffer from a plethora of diseases such as elbow dysplasia, entropion, lymphoma, arthritis, bloating, tumor, cancer, cardiovascular diseases, and allergies.

Heat Cycle of Female Bullmastiff:

Female BullmastiffThe heat cycle of female Bullmastiff usually begins when the female enters the age of 6 months. The female dog cannot become pregnant without heat. The heat cycle represents the sexual maturity of the dog. The vulva of the female dog becomes swollen during the heat cycle. Dogs usually enter into heat almost 2 to 3 times in a year. The gestation period of the dog is about 57 to 65 days.

The AKC acceptable coat colors of the female Bullmastiff are fawn, red and brindle. They do not require many efforts for maintenance. Avoid feeding the female Bullmastiff dog on the cold meal. Give the warm food and fluids to the female Bullmastiff.

At What Age Female Bullmastiff Ready to Breed:

Owners of the female Bullmastiff show curiosity to about at what age female Bullmastiff ready to breed. When a dog is at puberty or becomes sexually mature, it is ready for breeding. It is a fact that smaller breeds generally enter into heat at a much earlier age such as the 4th month of their age. The male Bullmastiff becomes entirely mature for breeding at from the age of 12 months to 15 months. However, their puberty begins at the 6th month of their age. They can easily mate at any time.

The hybrid dog named Bullmastiff Shar Pei Mix is a matter of interest for people looking for brave dogs. Know the facts about its appearance, health and much more! Stay tuned to know more!


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