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Bullmastiff Dog’s Behavior

Bullmastiff dog behavior

Bullmastiff dog is a pure dog breed which came into existence by the crossing of two dog breeds, named Bulldog and Mastiff dog. Bullmastiff dog contains the characteristics of both breeds. It contains 60% traits of the Bulldog and 40% traits of the Mastiff dog.

People having an interest in the Bullmastiff dog breed can get the fabulous guidance about the Bullmastiff dog’s behavior, Bullmastiff dog’s appearance, Bullmastiff dog paws and size shape, coat, maintenance, hygiene would feel relaxed by getting their queries satisfied here.

Let us find out here that are mastiffs good family pets, are Bullmastiff dogs aggressive and are Bullmastiff good with kids.

Bullmastiff dog is the muscular giant dog which shows protective nature towards its master. Bullmastiff dog is an alert dog and proves to be marvelous enough to fight against the enemies. It attacks and bites the enemy with its powerful teeth. Bullmastiff dog is highly reliable, loyal, intelligent and docile dog.

Bullmastiff dog behavior

Bullmastiff dog is an alter dog which is well known for its courageous behavior and fearless nature. They are devoted and affectionate.

When it comes to the temperament then the Bullmastiff dog’s behavior depicts themselves to be a calm dog that seeks for their owner’s attention.

They socialize well with the people and other pets. Owner of the Bullmastiff dog feels proud in introducing their pet to the people. Bullmastiff dogs prove themselves good dog breed for the hunting purpose.

Are Mastiffs Good Family Pets?

Bullmastiff dogs are the guard dogs while the Mastiff dogs are not. The behavior of Mastiff dog towards the kids is ideal. They prove themselves wonderful dog breed having gentle behavior with the kids. Kids love to play with the Mastiff dog and love to spend their time with it. Kids enjoy pulling the tails and ears of their beloved pet.

Besides pulling, kids also like to sit on the back of their pet. Mastiff is quite tolerant of such activities and does not show aggressive behavior towards kids. Mastiff exhibits its love towards the kids by licking the kid’s face.

Although Mastiff is not the guard dogs like the Bullmastiff dog they depict the protective attitude towards the kids. Kids love to be surrounded by the Mastiff dog.

 Are Bullmastiff Dogs Aggressive?

The protective nature of the Bullmastiff dog should not be confused with aggressiveness. Bullmastiff dog is a warrior dog which fights for safeguarding its owner. It is not aggressive but protective.

It depicts good behavior towards the kids. Even the Bullmastiff puppy is strong and powerful enough to fight the enemy. A Bullmastiff dog should be trained and socialize in the early stage of their life. These are highly obedient and show quick response towards the commands of its owner. Bullmastiff’s dog behavior depicts their shy nature towards the strangers.

Bullmastiff Dog Male Behavior:

Bullmastiff dog male behavior depicts them to be a perfect family guardian dog. Its size ranges up to 27 inches in height. The weight of a male Bullmastiff dog ranges from 110 to 130 pounds. Bullmastiff dog is relatively a calm dog. They snore quite loud which is ample to disturb the sleep of the other people.

Bullmastiff should be handled with extreme love and care. According to the AKC standard, there are three acceptable coat colors of a Bullmastiff dog which are red, fawn and brindle. A fawn Bullmastiff dog contains the coat of dull brown to the bright brown. A red Bullmastiff dog contains the coat of dull or light red to the rich red color.

While a Brindle Bullmastiff dog contains the adorable strips overlay of red and fawn color. A Bullmastiff dog should not contain white color on its body. Little white markings can be seen on the chest portion of the Bullmastiff dog. The average lifespan of the Bullmastiff dog is 8 to 10 years.

 Bullmastiff Dog Female Behavior:

Bullmastiff dog female behavior, size, and height vary from the male dog. A female dog is more family oriented and shows cool temperament. Bullmastiff dog behavior is an important element that is considered by a number of owners for making a right choice.

The height and weight of a female Bullmastiff dog range from 24 to 26 inches and 100 to 120 pounds respectively. Bullmastiff dog requires low maintenance. Bathe them when required. Use a good quality shampoo for the cleaning and washing of Bullmastiff dog.

Bullmastiff shed less hair. Use vacuum for the cleaning of the shedded hair. Bullmastiff dog contains dark large nostrils and broad wrinkled skull having black markings on it.

The black mask face of the Bullmastiff dog distinguishes it from other dog breeds. The dark ears of the Bullmastiff are V-shaped in appearance. It is an intelligent dog which is fabulously muscular and strong.

Are Bullmastiff Good With Kids?

Undoubtedly, the behavior of the Bullmastiff is considered ideal for the kids. Kids rush towards the Bullmastiff dog because of the tolerant and lovely behavior of the pet. They love to play with it. Bullmastiff dog should be taken for walking.

Regular walking and exercise are necessary for the good health and well being of the dog. Balanced diet plays a key role in the maintenance of good health.

Bullmastiff dog is prone to a number of health issues such as lymphoma, hemangiosarcoma, elbow dysplasia, allergy, hip dysplasia, ear infections, bloating, flatulence etc. Ear cropping and tail docking of the Bullmastiff dog is considered by their owners in order to enhance the elegance of the Bullmastiff dog.

These are the cosmetic surgeries which provide the stylish and trendy look to the Bullmastiff dog. Bullmastiff dogs are sensitive and should be protected well in the harsh and drastic weathers such as extreme summers and winters. Bullmastiff dog should be fed for more than once per day.

Feed them either twice or thrice as per their body needs in order to maintain the size of the dog. The amazing Bullmastiff dog’s behavior can be seen when it is taken for socializing. It shows friendly nature with the kids and easily become a part of the family.

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